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  1. John Klein

    Hey Guys
    Just came across your blog. Great start to your tip. My wife and I just finished 4 1/2 months in our Truck/Camper.
    We have discuss the Xp Camper with Marc prior to our trip but opted to stay with our 1971 Alaskan. We r now set up for the winter ski season in Rossland BC before having to return to work April 1st 2014. I am looking forward to reading all your thoughts on the XP and your travels.

    I starting blogging as something new to try but lacked the discipline to keep it up during our travels. Its catch up time now and 15,000 images to process. :)


    1. Sam Christiansen Post author

      Those alaskan campers look really cool! I’ve only seen pictures online, hope I get to see one in person sometime!

      Where did you spend your 4.5 months camping? Always looking for suggestions..


  2. Herlinde & Marc


    You are travelling in the Americas with a truckcamper.

    We want to do the same, travelling from Canada to Argentina, but have still some questions.
    How about the safety while driving on the roads in latin America with the large car ?
    Travelling with a truckcamper in those countries, is it safe ?
    What about fuel comsuption ?
    Can you find everywhere propane gas to fill up your cilinders ?
    If you should do your trip again, would you still opt for the same camper ?

    Kind regards,
    Marc & Herlinde from Belgium

    1. Sam Christiansen Post author

      Marc & Herlinde-

      We have generally felt very safe driving our vehicle and have had no safety issues. Of central america, Guatemala seemed to be the most dangerous feeling — every tienda had a guard out front with a shotgun. People were mugged at gunpoint on Lake Atitlan (there are some notorious spots). We wanted to climb a volcano, but were urged by locals ONLY to go if we took police with us because so many hikers who go without guards are robbed. It is a shame because guatemala is such a beautiful country.

      Honduras is notoriously dangerous, but we felt safe there and had no problems.

      No problems anywhere in south america, although there is some petty theft in Argentina.

      Fuel consumption — We get about 16 or 17 miles per gallon, which is about 14.7 liters per 100k. We had no trouble finding fuel the whole trip, but we have a large fuel tank.

      Propane — we don’t use propane, but have several friends who are using it. There is a good (and ever improving) list of propane refill spots on ioverlander:

      If we did the trip again, we would definitely opt for the same camper — we absolutely love it!


  3. Kate

    Hi there, amazing photos!

    My husband and I are taking a year off next year and really want to drive in a truck/camper set up from Seattle to South America.

    My only hesitation is the safety of getting through Central America and sleeping in our vehicle at night.

    Any advice?

    1. Erica Victorson

      There are safe places to camp all over Central America. We honestly never felt in danger and we slept in some fairly random places. The most important thing is to speak enough Spanish so you can communicate with the locals enough to ask them if you can park/camp on their land or next to their restaurant. They always said yes and they would keep an eye on us. In ioverlander (the camping app that Sam made) there are a ton of established camp sites all over Central America. I know it sounds silly, but safety in your rig is going to be the smallest problem you will face on the road. In central america the heat, humidity and bugs were what really kept us up at night =).


  4. Helene

    Hey Erica and Sam:-)
    I found your blog a couple a weeks ago and since then I have read all your post. It is such an amazing history and such fantastic photo. Thanks a lot for sharing:-) I am from Denmark and I am in the beginning of planning af trip om the panamericana. We have to wait a couple of years because we have four kids between 0 and 7 year, and we want them to grew a bit older before setting of – but meanwhile it is nice to dream, plan and enjoy your story:-) Our trip will be difference of course because of the kids, and we do not have the same amount of time, but hopefully we will have af great adventure like you two.
    If you ever do a trip to Europe and plan to visit Denmark you are welcome to write and I can give you some tips;-)

    Best wishes and thanks again for exiting post and photos to fill the cold evenings Helene;-)

  5. Jim

    Hi Sam & Erica,
    Loving your blog but what happened to the posts from Costa Rica? And Colombia?

    Regards, Jim

  6. Helene

    Hi guys
    I do not know if you still using the blog now you are home;-) I still read a bit nearly every day;-) I have one question? Did you met anyone doing the panam with kids – or know any blog about it?
    Thank you for inspiration and encourage to do it:-)
    All the best


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