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  1. Josh Grabel

    Erica and Sam,

    Scott Norton in Alaska, a coworker of mine, turned me onto your blog. I am two weeks into my trip from Seattle down to Argentina by motorcycle. I just passed through copper canyon and am in Durango for the night. I am headed to Mazatlan tomorrow. Any info on possible camping accommodations with a tent? I am headed down the coast but plan to head north to Oaxaca. Maybe our paths will cross. I am cramming my trip into 4.5 months, so I plan to spend 2 weeks in Mexico before crossing into Guatemala.
    Take care,

    1. Sam Christiansen Post author

      Hey Josh,

      We stayed with Scott when we were up in Alaska!

      Sorry I wasn’t able to respond sooner! Erica took us “off the grid” into some crazy places in Hidalgo. We’re just outside Mexico City right now; we’ll be down in Oaxaca the week of February 9th. I’m not sure if our paths will cross, but if they do we’ll make you dinner :).

      As you head down the Michoacan coast, my suggestion is to just find small restaurants on the beach, and ask them if you can camp there (typically they charge around 50 pesos per person per night, which is pretty reasonable). We stayed in several nice grassy parking areas on the side of restaurants, and felt safe.

      Ping me and let me know where you are now!



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