Budget: Panama

We spent 9 days in Panama and spent a total of $1,747.  That means that we spent on average about $194 per day. Why was it so expensive? We spent a week in Panama City, staying in a hotel, eating at expensive restaurants, and shipping our vehicle to Colombia.

Our largest expense was transportation ($1,295 – $650 of which was spent on shipping the truck and $400 on flights to Colombia and a rental car), followed by food & drink ($341 – almost all of it restaurants). The good news is that gas is cheap in Panama (around $0.91 per liter). We were able to fill our truck up for only $185.

The charts below should break everything down.  The chart on the left shows the primary categories.  The chart on the right will break down whatever primary category you select (just click on a wedge slice in the pie chart on the left).  Some reports that these charts aren’t working on Android devices; I’m sorry but I don’t own one yet so I can’t test it.

On to the charts: