Budget: Chile

We spent about 55 days in Chile and spent a total of $6,200.  That means that we spent on average about $112 per day.

Our expenses were heavily skewed towards transportation which accounted for %63, or $3,875, of our total spend. This was mainly due to three factors: we spent $1,500 on new tires, we had a couple of oil changes (one of which I had to purchase a $50 air filter because I ran out), and we spent about $200 having our clutch cylinder fixed. If you remove the maintenance from the budget, our average daily spend would be about $80 per day. We also spent a little more than normal on fuel in Chile, because the diesel seemed to be the highest quality in South America. Any time we were about to cross a border back into Argentina, we would always fill up to the top, which kind of makes our fuel budget in Argentina look a bit light!

We spent $1,535 on food and drink, about 25% of our budget. We only spent $361 on living expenses, $171 which was spent when we stayed at hostels in Valparaiso and in Puerto Arenas when our clutch was being repaired.

The charts below should break everything down.  The chart on the left shows the primary categories.  The chart on the right will break down whatever primary category you select (just click on a wedge slice in the pie chart on the left).  Some reports that these charts aren’t working on Android devices; I’m sorry but I don’t own one yet so I can’t test it.

On to the charts: